New York, NY – Bloom Nails & Spa, a full-service nail salon and spa treatment facility that provides a wide variety of beauty services to all interested patrons, this week announced they have added a Green Tea Spa component to their extensive spa repertoire.

Now offering spa treatments that draw on the natural healing abilities of Green Tea and Matcha powder, Bloom Nails & Spa will be one of the first facilities in New York to offer such a service to all clients.

blooms-nails “We draw on ancient practices and principles when overseeing our beauty services and support with our clients today,” said Tina, Founder and Owner of Bloom Nails & Spa. “Since Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cultures have perfected the art of spa and massage, we are simply extending these practices into our beautifully designed facility here in New York.”

Bloom Nails & Spa oversees manicures, pedicures, gel, tip, and wraps, waxing, back rubs, gel removal, facials, callus eliminator, spa packages, and now green tea services that are unique to the spa location. Additionally, clients can get French Manicures, Paraffin Manicures, Spa Manicures, Glue Manicures, and polishing at the spa facility.

“We are constantly revolutionizing and adding services to our already expansive list,” said Tina. “We take pride in what we do here, and we want everyone in Manhattan to know it. Spread the word on the addition of our Green Tea Spa, and head on over to our website today to learn more about our services.”

Bloom Nails & Spa is located right at 110 W 26th street in the heart of Chelsea. The convenient location makes the spa an easy-to-access and desirable store for most of New York’s inhabitants.


New York, NY – Bloom Nails & Spa, a full-service spa and cosmetic facility that provides visitors with manicures, pedicures, gels, tips, wraps, waxing, and massage services today, this week announced they have officially on-boarded an entirely new management team and structure for improved client support and attention.

blooms-nails Now in the hands of a new director with an entirely comprehensive vision for the New York nail salon and spa, Bloom Nails & Spa’s staff is in the process of receiving brand new trainings, protocols, and customer service oversight for revolutionizing how the salon approaches client care today.

“We are constantly working to improve our service selection and customer service here at Bloom Nails & Spa,” said Tina, Founder and Owner of Blooms Nails & Spa. “Since every company is a work in progress, we have elected to adopt an entirely new business structure and plan moving forward. Now, customers can expect the best of the best when they walk through our Manhattan doors.”

Bloom Nails & Spa are known for their unique and high quality approach to nail related services, as well as massage that embodies the healing traditions of many ancient cultures. Their goal is to provide guests with a full-body experience that transcends the physical body, mind, and spirit.

“We offer everything from full-scale waxing, to gels, tips, and wraps for on-the-go clients in need of some nail rehabilitation,” said Tina. “Spread the word on our official business revamping, and head on over to our store this week to learn more about what luxurious services we have to offer New Yorkers.”

Bloom Nails & Spa is open 7-days per week, 9:30AM to 9PM Monday through Saturday, and 10AM until 7:30PM on Sundays.

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